Music Shops in Coventry

Music Shops in Coventry

Many of our budding singers often discover the benefits of a musical instrument to their vocals. By acquiring the ability to play an instrument, singers often find that their vocal cords are greatly enhanced and subtly altered. Singing Lessons Coventry strongly recommend that all students immerse themselves in the world of music and try their hand at such instruments as guitars, basses, and many more. Just visiting the local music shops on offer in Coventry is an experience which is sure to provide a great source of inspiration to our students. In addition, the wealth of musical information and advice on offer from the experienced staff in-store provides a fantastic source of education for aspiring singers. Here are three stores we have scouted out for you and recommend you visit if you want to expand your musical expertise and improve your singing abilities…

Express Music Store

Express Music first opened for business in 1984 and has since maintained a welcoming and helpful service for guitar-fanatics, prizing the needs of the customer above all else. They strive to offer products of the highest quality at the most accessible prices for customers. The success of this approach can be seen by the rapid growth of sales, which has increased over the course of two years by 200%. This company aims to increase convenience for customers and has done this by expanding the store to the online realms. With a professional and dedicated team of experts right in the store, the guitar-buying experience is made as comfortable and efficient as possible. This staff offer ready information and advice both in person and on the phone, for six days a week. Express Music maintains a wide expanse of stock and will order anything that can’t be found in the store or online by special request. The quality of instruments is ensured by the quality-control-check service which is carried out when products are delivered to the business, and again when dispatched to the customer. Instruments are therefore ready to play as soon as the customer receives their new purchase. Find this shop at 198-204 Binley Road, Coventry, CV3 1HG.

MDM Music

MDM music is a friendly and personal business run by husband and wife, Mick and Carol Dolby. This musical duo provides a flexible service, including the exchange of instrument parts, and they specialise in the distribution of rare instruments and accessories. These include older valve amplifiers, guitars, violins, and banjos. By setting up and perfecting the stringed instruments in-store, the quality and ease of playing these newly-purchased products are guaranteed for the customer. With Mick carrying out all setups right on the premises, customers can be reassured of the reliability of this service, and develop a personal relationship with the duo. Furthermore, all instruments are given a final check before the sale, assuring the satisfaction of all buyers. You can find this store at the following address:  Mick & Carol Dolby Proprietors, 1st & 2nd floors, 30 The Square, Kenilworth CV8 1EB (opposite Lloyds TSB). 

Noise Works

Noiseworks is the guitar superstore which caters for all your needs, offering new instruments and all the accessories you could possibly need to furnish your guitar. This business offers a vast range of products within the categories  “New, Used and Vintage Guitars”, “New, Used and Vintage Basses”, “New, Used and Vintage Amps”, “Strings”, “Gig bags, Capos, Tuners, and Guitar Stands”, and “New, Used and Vintage Pedals”. As you can see, this is any guitar lover’s paradise, and the company ensures the customer’s confidence and satisfaction in the quality of their purchase by offering these products under a range of high-class brands such as that of Fender and Gibson.  Noiseworks enhances the buying experience by offering a repairs service which includes restringing, repainting and even upgrading the customer’s guitar. Not only this, but they will even build guitars from scratch in the workshop, should that be the customer’s desire. With staff offering a substantial 30 years’ worth of experience, customers are provided with limitless possibilities and the safe reassurance that their guitar will be fixed by these professionals. If you want to bedeck your guitar with accessories, or are simply on the hunt for a new instrument, find this store at NoiseWorks, 82 Far Gosford Street, Coventry, CV1 5DZ.

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