About Singing Lessons Coventry

About Singing Lessons Coventry

Welcome to Singing Lessons Coventry! I am Gemma Ceaser and I am a singing teacher based in Earlsdon, Coventry. I’m looking to help develop students of all ages and abilities find and train their voice. I currently hold a DipHe in Popular Music and Worship and am currently studying in my final year at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts (specialising in vocals). I have been performing from around the age of 16 and have covered a variety of styles including pop, soul, neo-soul, jazz and rock, to name a few. I have experience both in the studio and live singing, performed in function settings, and more.

I have sung from a very early age and discovered more of my potential as people encouraged me to step out more. This has helped shape my passion for teaching; to help each individual discover more of what they are capable of and how they can craft their own unique voice in a personalised programme that suits them.

For more information about my singing lessons, as well as how to book your first lesson, please don't hesitate to email me on info@singinglessonscoventry.com.

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Professional Singing Teacher | Prices: £25 p/h | Beginners to Advanced | All Genres Covered